The artistic duo Rosario Gallardo on October 21 in Turin for two events with a strong pornesthetic charge. At 18.30 at NORA Book & Coffee - Via delle Orfane 24 / D

Aperitif and presentation of their latest book Estasi dell’Osceno. Tattiche di Pornoguerriglia (2017, ed. Malatempora for Golena Edizioni).

Estasi dell’Osceno. Tattiche di Pornoguerriglia offers ways of overcoming the fear related to hormones. It is a political hypothesis, but also a spiritual meditation.

Rosario Gallardo's sexuality surpasses copulative practice as a device capable of also providing social, psychological and physical skills in order to reach the unity between thought and action.

The assonance with gospel passages, the first five mysteries, represents the desire to offer a revelation that may be useful in the reader's everyday life.

Love and fight in this joyous rosary, to be opened completelya little every day, to contact the divine.

At 22.00 at Cavallerizza Irreale - Via Verdi 9

Coin-op, pornesthetic performance.

Are you curious to see how the music box goes well? Break open your piggy bank and put the coin!

Coin-op is an experience inspired by pay-per-view cybersex. It stages commercial exchange as an erotic game emphasized and exasperated by the technical medium.

After the performance Cam Girl, presented for AMACI in 2014, Coin-op brings the same theme under a new perspective.


(No one under 18 years)

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Dj set by Malormone crew

Stylish queer-trash


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* With the "riversed ticket" is the viewer who decides, after seen the show, to pay what he thinks fit and right.

It’s a responsibility training where the viewer has to consider that the production and presentation of a theatrical performance has costs that also include the remuneration of the artists.

Considering that and his own economic resources, the viewer decides his own entry price.

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